Attendance, Punctuality and Behaviour

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of three elements of Academy life which help your child to make the most out of all the opportunities they receive at our Academy – attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

Having good attendance, punctuality and behaviour will not only support your child to achieve their full potential at our Academy, but will prepare them well for their adult life.


We place great importance on regular Academy attendance.  Research indicates that pupils, who attend regularly, will achieve better academically and enjoy better relationships with staff and other pupils.

The government expects every pupil to achieve a minimum of 95% attendance. The table below shows just how many days off from the Academy are missed for those who have attendance of 95% and over.

 % Attendance Days lost
100  0
 99  2
 98  4
 97  6
 96  8
 95  10 (2 Academy weeks of lost learning)


We have an Academy Community Team who supports the parents/carers of children whose attendance falls below 95%. 

The Academy Community Team will visit the homes of children who are absent from our Academy to discuss absence. If you are having difficulties regarding your child’s attendance, please contact us on 07762 496760 or 01274 414350

Poor attendance could result in a referral to Bradford Council’s Education Social Work Service which may result in legal action.

We aim for 100% attendance. Therefore, pupils who have been on our school roll at the start of the academic year and achieve 100% attendance by the last day of the academic year will receive a £20 gift voucher.


It is important your child/ren’s Academy day gets off to a good start, so don’t forget teaching and learning begins at 8.50am and:

  • Arriving late causes unnecessary disruption for your child/ren, the class and for staff
  • Arriving late can result in your child being unsettled instead of being ready to learn
  • Our Academy Community Team will visit homes of children who are persistently late to school to discuss punctuality
  • Persistent lateness may result in a referral to Bradford Council’s Education Social Work Service

If you have difficulties with getting your child to our Academy on time, please contact the Academy Community Team


The third core life skill that prepares children for success is positive behaviour.  

Click here to read our Behaviour Policy

Your co-operation with supporting us with attendance, punctuality and behaviour expectations would be very much appreciated. If you would like to discuss any of these matters, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal.