Behaviour Policy Summary

Like you, we want the best for your child. We want your child to achieve academically to the highest standard. We also want them to develop social skills to the highest standard. Our behaviour management policy helps us and your child in achieving these aims

We expect your child to follow our Academy rules. The Academy rules will help your child to behave appropriately:

  • In our Academy, I will do as all adults tell me the first time
  • I will stay on task
  • I will respect property and leave other people’s things alone
  •  I will listen to others and wait my turn to speak
  •  I will keep all objects, hands and feet to myself
  •  I will always speak kindly, quietly and politely to others

We expect your child to follow these rules in the classroom, moving around the Academy, in the playground and when off-site on Academy activities.


In Foundation Stage, staff will:

Step 1: Distract, offer choices and say ‘stop’ instead of ‘no’ Step 2: Use traffic lights and time out

Step 3: Follow the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 behaviour management system:

In KS1 and KS2, if your child chooses not to follow the Academy rules then they will receive a consequence for their inappropriate behaviour:

  • One verbal warning
  • Name on the board
  • One cross after name
  •  Second cross actions a blue slip. Pupil receives a lunchtime detention during which time they will complete work set by class teacher. If a pupil displays disruptive behaviour which distracts other pupils from learning, the pupil will be sent to a Phase Leader for a specified amount of time as written on the blue slip

In a half term:

3 blue slips = behaviour log for one week and a parent/carer meeting 6 blue slips = 1 day internal exclusion and a parent/carer meeting

9 blue slips = 1 day external exclusion and a parent/carer meeting

The consequence system is continuous and operates for a half term.

If a child chooses to behave in a way which results:

  • in a person being seriously hurt physically or verbally
  •   in the safety of the child or that of others being threatened
  •   in our Academy environment being damaged

the child will receive a fixed term or permanent exclusion which overrides the standard approach.

Reasonable adjustments will be made to this policy for children with special educational needs/disabilities, in line with the Equality Act 2010.


If your child chooses to follow our Academy rules and behave appropriately, they will be rewarded. We use a wide range of rewards in our Academy.

You can support your child by discussing their behaviour each day and finding out if they received a reward:

Each day:

Ask your child if they got their name on the board.

This will tell you if your child behaved appropriately for the day.

On the last day of each half term:

Ask your child to show you their certificate and well done pencil. This will tell you if they have kept the Academy rules all half term. Also ask your child if they participated in the reward afternoon. This means they have not had a blue slip all half term

Don’t forget to praise your child for following the Academy rules and receiving rewards

Thank you for your support