dropping off and picking up children


The ultimate aim of these procedures is to promote the safeguarding of children as defined by the Woodside Academy Trust’s statement on safeguarding children

In the morning:

  • Your child needs to line up with their class in the playground adjacent to Fenwick Drive, by 8.50am
  •  This playground is supervised from 8.40am by the Principal, Vice Principal and Caretaker
  • Classes will be collected from the Key Stage One playground at 8.50 am by their classteacher
  •  The Principal, Vice Principal and the Caretaker will be supervising in this area at this time. A member of the Academy Community Team will wait until 9.00 for any children that have arrived late. The Caretaker will assist the Principal with this supervision
  •  By 9.00, the Caretaker will secure entrances and shut gates

Arrival at the Academy after 8.50am:

  • Your child needs to enter the Academy by the main entrance door
  •  Your child must wait at the internal foyer until a member of the Academy Community Team signs them in by taking their name, class, dinner arrangements and reason for being late
  • Please ensure this procedure is followed as we need to know if your child is in the building if the fire alarm went off and if they are to get a dinner; and for safeguarding reasons

In the afternoon:

  • School finishes at 3.15 and children are available for collection as soon as practical after this
  • The front of the Academy (by main entrance gates), adjacent to Fenwick Drive is supervised by the Principal. Other members of the Leadership Team and the Caretaker are also supervising the Academy grounds until 3.25pm
  •  Reception children can be collected from their external classroom door, one at a time
  • Years 1 and 2 can be collected from their external classroom doors one at a time
  • Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be collected from the playground
  • If you are late in picking up your child, they will be taken to Grey Rabbit classroom by their classteacher where they will be supervised by a member of the Leadership Team. A member of the office team will contact you if you have not informed us you will be late picking your child up

Authorisation for collection of children form:
You will be asked to complete an authorisation for collection of children form when your child joins our Academy. The form asks you to choose a password.  It will be your responsibility to inform the Academy if there are any changes to the details on the form.

If you are unable to collect your child:
If someone else is to collect your child or you are allowing then to walk home on their own, please inform the office. We will only release children into the care of individuals named by the parent/carer and when the adult informs the classteacher of your password.

If you allow your child to walk to or from the Academy:
You will need to indicate on the ‘Arrangements for Collection of Children’ form if you give permission for your child to walk home without adult supervision.

After Academy clubs and activities

The same arrangements outlined above apply to after Academy clubs and activities, with children being collected from the main entrance area.

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