academy council

Our Academy Council is made up of:

  • Two elected representatives from each class (one female and one male from reception classes upwards)

The Academy Council aims to:

  • Involve children in the decision making systems which exist within our Academy
  • Gather children’s views and take appropriate action
  • Encourage discussion and debate about ‘real’ issues encouraging children to put forward their own and listen to others ideas and points of views
  • Develop citizenship skills

The Academy Council meets:

  • On a half termly basis, as a minimum

Academy Council Action Plan







- Gold banding award

  • Recognise the children in assembly at the end of each half term, they are given a sticker
  • Community Team will help with this




From January 2016

Carbon Footprint

-  Caring about our environment

  • Improve the type and amount of recycling we do as an Academy
  • Time from Mrs Browne, Mrs Goble and Mrs Hassan

From September 2015


- Improve road safety near our Academy












- E Safety

  • Monitor the parking of parents/carers outside the Academy grounds
  • School council reps to monitor high vis clothing and hand out flyers
  • Poster to be sent out to all parents/carers


  • Using Byte awards
  • Help from our local PCSOs
  • Help from our local Councillors











  • Help from subject leaders

From January 2016















How can we check how we are doing with our action plan?

How do we know we’ve finished our action plan?

How can we tell the Academy Council and Mrs Browne if our action plan has worked?

Asking our class reps

Academy Council Meetings

Regular updates from the Principal

- Stickers to relevant children in reward assembly


- Amount of recycling increases


- Keep communication open with PCSO and CBMDC




Academy Council Class Time