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Activity 2

Activity 2 - What makes an advert persuasive? 


Have you ever seen an advert on TV that makes you want to buy something such as a toy or a game?


Read through the document 'What good adverts need!' to explore how adverts are persuasive.



You will judge a poster competition and decide on the winning poster. The winning poster will be displayed on the school notice board and used to promote the forthcoming ‘Spooky Disco’. 

Remember, a good poster: 

  • puts information across in a clear way 
  • is eye catching and may have writing that will attract the readers’ attention
  • makes the event sound exciting so that people will be persuaded to go. 

Look at the three posters in the competition (below). There are a number of categories to judge which poster is the best, then you have to think of an overall winner.

Poster competition entries

Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3

Use the table below to decide the winning poster by answering the quesions about each poster.