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Activity 3

Activity 3 - Slogans 


Slogans are short, catchy sentences that are associated with a product or brand.


They are memorable to help sell the product.


They use alliteration, rhetorical questions, exclamations, repetition and emotive language.



What are these advertising?

Read the slogans below and write down the brand or product it is selling. The first one has been done for you. You can use the names in red to help you. 


1. Have a break, have a ________ KITKAT

2. Compare the Meerkat

3. I’m lovin’ it.

4. Just do it.

5. How do you eat yours?

6. Every little helps.

7. What’s the worst that could happen?

8. Inspired by babies. Created by _______


COMPARETHEMARKET.COM           MCDONALDS           NIKE           Cadbury’s CRÈME EGG          TESCO         DR PEPPER         PAMPERS 



Where do you see adverts?

Write down as many different places you have seen advertising posters.

For example, on billboards



Your task is to persuade someone in your house to buy your product.


Below are 4 different products. Choose one of them and create a pitch to sell it (a pitch is a presentation or act to persuade someone to buy or do something).


Use the planning sheet to help you plan your persuasive presentation. Examples have been given on the sheets.

(you can type on the 'editable' documents)


You must include:

  • Slogan
  • Alliteration (astonishingly amazing)
  • Exaggeration (make the product sound like it's the best thing in the world)
  • Imperative verbs (you must come!)
  • Special Offer