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Peter Thorpe Space Art


For this half term's art project, we would have been learning all about Peter Thorpe's space-themed abstract art. Peter Thorpe is well known for painting rockets. Find out how Peter Thorpe began painting these abstract masterpieces below:



"I started the rocket paintings in the 1980s as a way to use paint that I would have otherwise thrown away. After each commercial job I did, there would be a pallet half full of paint left over and it pained me to toss it, but the next painting required a new paint pallet. It finally occurred to me that I could easily paint an abstract background on a blank board or canvas with the left over paint."


"But, what should I do with the abstracts?"


"I started to do figures, landscapes, and, as a long time space fan, rockets and planets on top of the backgrounds. Some of the figures and landscapes got noticed, but everyone loved the rockets."


"I have a life long love of space exploration, space science and science fiction, in that order. Suddenly, people were asking to buy my 'fine-art' rocket paintings."


"People have liked the rocket paintings, so I continue to do them. Thank you to everyone who has supported them."

Your task:


Can you create your very own space art masterpiece? 


Use Peter Thorpe's abstract style and these steps below to help you go on a space art journey!


1. First of all, find something to create your artwork on. This could be coloured card (even better if you have some black card), paper or even a page from your exercise book.


2. Next, create a background using a range of techniques. Splatter some paint to make stars, or draw some shooting stars racing across the page. 


3. After that, build up the layers by drawing or painting images (rockets, planets, stars etc.) 


Think about which colours  work well together to create a bright and colourful space landscape!


Don't forget, send in your artwork to...  

Examples of Space Art masterpieces: