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Art on the other side of the world!


This week lets explore ABORIGINAL ART



First of all, use the links below or your own research to find out more about the Aboriginal people. Where do they live? What do they like to eat?



Present your information however you wish, you could maybe create a fact file, poster or leaflet. Your choice!

Let's get creative!


Now it's your turn, can you create some Aboriginal Art. 



The use of dots and symbols is very important within Aboriginal art and creates a story. 


Have a go at practising the art style, you can use paint or felt tips but make sure that you are only using DOTS!

Can you have a go at creating your own story using the symbols. 


Use the symbol cards to help you know the meanings of each symbol. 



Symbol key:

Why not create your art the Aboriginal way, on PEBBLES

Create your story using these cut out pictures

Don't forget to send us your pictures to


We can't wait to see them!


Happy Dotting! smiley