Reevy Hill Primary School

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Our Art Learning Objectives this week are:

  • to research the work of crafts people and designers working in different times and cultures.

  • to use ideas as a starting point for making a clay pendant.

  • To review and modify work and make changes as work progresses.

  • to evaluate work and recognise both what went well and how it could be changed for another time. 

We understand that at home you will not readily have access to the same resources as we have at school, therefore we do not expect you to make a pendant but you might want to have a go at the design aspects. 



Lesson 1 

Use the links below to research historical jewellery.

For each period of history write notes and draw pictures to answer the following questions:

  • What type of jewellery did they wear?

  • What material did they use to make their jewellery?

  • What colours were used?

  • What shapes and patterns can you see?

Lesson 2 

Create 4 pendent designs inspired by your research. 

For each design label:

  • colours
  • depth 
  • layers
  • shapes 
  • patterns 

Then choose your final design and drawn it out on a piece of A4 paper, labelling it carefully. 

Write why you chose this design and how you are representing the historical period you have been inspired by.


Lesson 3 and 4

At school we would not be making our pendant and evaluating them. If you would like to and have the resources easily available to you, you can now have a go at making your own pendant.