Reevy Hill Primary School

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Can you hear sounds in words?

Once your child can recognise their sounds, it's time to practise blending them together to read whole words! 


Try simple cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words initially as these are short and allow your child to hear the individual sounds as you 'chop them up'.


s - i - t

s - a - t

s - e - t

p - i - n

p - a - n

p - a - t


In school, children are taught to add sound buttons to their words to allow them to segment the words for reading. See images below. 



Write a list of cvc words and see if your child can add their own buttons in. 


Where a word contains a digraph (a sound made up of 2 letters), these sounds will be underlined to show the two letters make one sound. See below.



Write these words out and see if your child can add the sound buttons in before reading them aloud to you.


pick, tick, lack, sick, back, stick, lock,  pack, kick


Can you make up a sentence for them to sound out and read? 


e.g. The dog is black.