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Writing practise: Once you have practised hearing your sounds, practise writing them too. Support your child to sound out words for spelling and model letter formation where required. Children learn by copying initially before building the skills to write from memory. If children are struggling to form letters, you could create small ‘dots’ for them to trace over to start with.


 Tips for blending:

When encouraging your child to write, patience is key! There are lots of steps involved from hearing sounds in words to being able to place them in the correct order and then remembering how to form the letters. Try this with your child:

Say the word aloud, chop up on arm – how many sounds? What is the first sound? Where do we start when writing a word – remind them of writing from left to right. Describe how to form that sound. Repeat for the next sound.

Try starting with words using the first key sounds e.g. s, a, t, p, i, n. Try the words below:


Challenge answers - Did you get any right? Don't worry, you can practise this as many times as you like!