Reevy Hill Primary School

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Representing 1,2,3


In maths, we are now looking at comparing 1,2 and 3 and becoming really secure in what these numbers look like and are made up of.


Can you remember how many items are in a set of 1, 2 and 3? Try this game to help you!

Draw yourself a grid like the one below:





Parents: Ask your children the following questions.

Can you bring me one... (Choose household object e.g. cup)? Can they place it on the correct number without you showing them? Can you bring me two… Challenge your children if they feel comfortable with their 1,2,3 to work beyond. Can they match items all the way up to 5, or even 10?

Try making a number collage! Find any odd bits from around your house e.g. cereal/ pasta/ buttons/ coins and cello tape/glue them to a piece of paper! We would love to see your designs J


Number formation:

Have a look at the video below, where I explain how to write the numbers 1-5. Can you learn the little rhymes to help you practise at home? Have a go!


Activity idea:

Watch this video of the 3 little bears.

Can you have a go at setting the table for the bears? See if you can find different sized bowls and cups to match each bear. Maybe you could even find 3 different sized teddies/toys to join you…

Sharing is a great way of practising your counting. Try sharing a snack with your grown-up or teddy. If I have two teddies and only two apples, how many will each one get? Try it and see!


Activity: More or Less

We have also been looking at ‘more’ or ‘less’ when comparing numbers. Can you fill a bag using two different items? This could be two different coloured bricks/ two types of pasta or cereal/ two different types of pens e.g. crayons and pencils. Without peeking, reach into the bag and pull a handful out. Count how many of each item you have into two different piles. Which one did you pick more of? Try a few times, see if you can choose different combinations! Ask your grown-ups to have a dip in the bag without looking – Can they fit more things in their hand or less?



SPLAT! Scatter different number cards around your room 1-10. As your adult shouts a number, see if you can SPLAT! It with your hand shouting ‘SPLAT!’. Can you test your grown up?



Can you help Brown rabbit pack his suitcase? He is going away on a trip for a few days to visit his Nan for her birthday. He has made a list below. See if you can find these items in your house and pack them into a bag. Can you count them all on your own?