Reevy Hill Primary School

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Home Learning Challenges


Play listening games such as 'Simon Says'. 


Go on an Autumn walk! Look for Autumn colours and listen to the sounds of Autumn. Collect conkers, leaves and sticks to make a memory wand when your home. These new words will extend vocabulary.


Take a magnifying glass to investigate all the living things on your walk. This will encourage lots of questions. 


Read your favourite book, talk about it and retell the story.


Have a teddy bear picnic and share a book together. 


Play a game where children have to describe where you have hidden the object E.g. Hedgehog is next to the tree. Make sure you speak in a full sentence. 




Building up vocabularly - Make feely boxes out of a cardboard box with a hand hole. Put your hand in and feel different materials and describe them. 


Talk - Make phones out of yogurt pots, talk about the weather, plans for the day, likes/dislikes etc