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Composition of 1,2,3

This week is all about what makes up 1, 2 and 3!


'Finger numbers'

Finger numbers is a great activity to help your child practise their number composition (that is, knowing exactly what each number is made up of!'

Ask you child, "show me 3... show me 2..." etc. Can they show you different ways of making each number eg. 3 on one hand, zero on the other OR 2 on one hand and 1 on the other. Challenge your child with numbers up to 10.


Writing and making 3:

Practise writing the number 3 with your child. See the rhyme and image below:


Can they make a number 3 collage - using any materials from around the house, practise making the number 3 formation.

Challenge: Can you make it using just 3 items?


Ask your child to draw 3 lines/ dots/ hearts/stars - can they draw them all 3 different sizes? Can they draw 2 shapes inside another one? Be as inventive as you can, all the time emphasizing how many things make up the number 3.

Play 'feely sock' game


Fill different socks with different amounts of small items e.g. 3 figures, 2 balls, 4 lego pieces, 1 apple etc...

Lay all the socks out on the table. Encourage your child to feel each sock and guess how many items in each. Are they counting each item they feel? Practise counting 1:1 - say a number each time a new item is felt.

The tray game

Fill a tray with 5 objects, have child help you count them out. Cover with a cloth and take one out with child knowing. Lift up, what is different?

Which item is missing?


Question your child: What will the total be if I add one more/ take one more away?

Play with different arrangements of the items. Quick reveal and hide again. Can child tell you how many were there?