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Covid-19 Home Learning Activities and Gallery


The Rainbow Children”


 The school year was cut short

And we didn't get a chance to say

THANK YOU for being an excellent BROWN & GREY RABBIT

We wish we had more time to learn and play!


You have done a brilliant job

Staying at home for so long

It’s not easy but you have been so brave

You have kept people SAFE and STRONG!


We will make a special visit

To your new classroom when we return

We will all be together again



Enjoy the Summer with your family

And next year we will start a new

For now just know that we miss you all

And we are so PROUD of YOU!


Love from

Miss Calcott, Mrs Flaherty, Miss Gibson,

Mrs Bak, Mrs Edmondson & Mrs Jordan

X x X


Summer 2 - Home learning activities:
Summer 1 - Home learning activities:

The government have issued this latest guidance for parents, and provided links to daily lessons.  The links to these are below, we hope you find them useful.



Hello Reception!


We hope you are safe and staying at home with your family. smiley


We have enjoyed receiving your pictures and hearing all about the fun activities you have been doing at home.


This page is to help you keep busy while at home, please use this time to do the things you love and then share what you have done with us.

We know it's important for you do your learning, such as reading, writing and numbers but it is also extremely important to enjoy the time with your family and play games, invent new activities together and learn about real life experiences. smiley


We look forward to receiving more pictures and updates of the fantastic things you do in the next few weeks.


Everyone from the Reception team are missing you lots and we can't wait to see you all back at school!


Stay safe,



Miss Calcott, Mrs Flaherty, Miss Gibson,

Mrs Edmondson, Mrs Bak and Mrs Jordan






Reception Class Gallery


We have enjoyed receiving your pictures of the fun things you have been doing with your family and will add them to our gallery so you can see what your friends and teachers have been doing during the school closure.


Please keep us updated by continuing to E-mail Mrs Flaherty and Miss Calcott or using the new E-mail for our Reception classes:




On-going home learning activities:

VE Garden Party!

Friday 8th May 2020


How to have a VE Day celebration with your family during lockdown:


Just because we can't get together and mark VE Day with out friends and family, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to celebrate within the safe bubbles of our own homes. Dedicated programmes will be broadcast to help you get involved in the celebrations. The Queen herself will be giving a special address to the nation (her second during the coronavirus pandemic), at 9am on 8th May – which is the exact same time that her father, King George VI, spoke to the UK 75 years ago, on the actual VE Day.


There are plenty of ways you can still get involved in the big day, from hosting a special VE Day celebrations picnic or afternoon tea with your household to decorating the house with flags and bunting. If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, try whipping up some VE Day-inspired retro snacks and baking treats – and, even if you’re not, you can’t go wrong with a strawberry cheesecake.