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Creative Activities at home


We thought we would give you some creative ideas to keep you and your family busy at home. With Easter fast approaching now is the perfect time to get busy with Easter crafts!


Why don't you have an Easter craft competition with your family?


You could:

1. Decorate a boiled egg (I know they are like gold dust at the minute but you could use and decorate the polystyrene eggs instead)smiley


2. Make an Easter bonnet



3. Have an Easter drawing competition


Getting creative with your child has lots of benefits, it helps them to develop their fine motor skills and by letting them cut, glue and stick items independently allows them to strengthen and develop the muscles in their hands which will benefit their writing skills.

Another reason for being creative with your child is that it develops and ignites them to be imaginative, which is a crucial part of their learning in Early Years, this then helps to develop their speech and language skills.

Letting children bring things to real life in their play allows children to effectively interact and turn take with their peers and adults when they are at school.