Reevy Hill Primary School

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Creative arts

Try out some of these activities.


Activity 1 

Take a virtual tour of the National Gallery

Click on this link:


  1. Which is your favourite painting and why?
  1. Find out more about the painting and artist.



Activity 2 

Have a look at the ‘Art for Kids Hub’ YouTube channel on this link:

It is full of brillinat step-by-step instructions on how to draw amazing pictures.


Have a go at drawing a picture you like.



Activity 3 

Draw a self portrait.

Get a mirror or even a recent picture of yourself and carefully draw a self portrait on a piece of paper.



Activity 4 

Be creative and innovative!


If you can find some unwanted items laying around your house (paper, boxes, toilet rolls etc) why not make something out of these such as a building or lamp cover.