Reevy Hill Primary School

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Wednesday- Science

LO: To identify and describe the basic structure of common flowering plants 


Today we are going to make our own plant using different materials. Follow the instructions below to make your plant. If you don't have the suggested materials be creative and ask your adult to help you find some resources around the house. 

Thursday- Geography

Learning Objective: To name, locate and identify characteristics of London 


Watch the video clip below

Create your own tourist guide for London, like the one below.  Then name the places on the pictures.  E.g 1. Big Ben

Now try and create your own map of London like the one below. 

Friday- PSHCE

  • Ask your child if they have ever heard someone say – or said themselves – ‘It’s not fair!’ 
  • Ask  what we mean by being fair. Take ideas and agree a definition 
  • Ask why they might say that someone was being unkind. (For example, saying something mean, not sharing, not allowing someone to join in their game, pushing someone etc. What do we call it when someone is unkind to someone over and over again?)
  • Now ask your child to say something which would be kind to say or do to someone else
  • Ask what we mean by being kind. Take ideas and agree a  definition.
  • Read the ‘It’s not fair!’ story. Pause at the parts marked in the story to ask your child to comment on whether the characters’ actions were fair or unfair, kind or unkind.