Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar



Monday - R.E.

LO: To learn about the Torah and understand the difference between special and holy. 


Watch the video link below and label the image below.  Then answer the  following questions:


Where is the Torah kept in the synagogue?

How is it looked after?
Who did the rabbi compare the Torah scroll to?

Would the Torah be as special if it wasn't hand written?



Can you fill in the missing words? 


The Torah
A Torah scroll contains the first _______ books of the Bible.
It is written in _______, the language Jewish people use for
worship. The Torah scroll is wound on two _______ rollers. It is
either in a cover decorated with silver bells and _______, or
mounted in a _____________ wooden case. Jewish people do
not _______ the Torah. Instead they use a pointer to read it
called a ______ .

Yad         Hebrew         magnificent
     touch                 five         wooden         crowns