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PE with Joe Wicks 

Wednesday 12th May

LO: To observe closely. 


At school we are looking at our beans and seeing how they have changed. If you are working from home you will be looking at what changes occur to a tomato plant. 


Click on the link below to access the lesson.

Thursday- Geography

LO: To name, locate and identify characteristics of Edinburgh


Listen to the link below and look at the picture.

What instrument do you think this is?

What country do you think it comes from?

Ted has travelled from London to Edinburgh, can you draw Ted on the map now to show his journey?

1. What transport might Ted have used for his journey from London to Edinburgh?

2. What country is Edinburgh the capital city of?

Friday - PSHE

Discuss the points below with your child.


What jobs/responsibilities does our teacher have in the classroom? 
How can we help our teacher? 
What are our jobs/responsibilities in the classroom? 
How can we help each other? 
Does our behaviour help people in the classroom? How does it do this?


Listen to the story 

 ‘Miss Nelson is Missing!’ by Harry Allard and James Marshal 

Ask the same questions during the story.

Miss Nelson Is Missing! By Harry Allard and James Marshall

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Now use the sheet below to think of some rules we could all follow in school.