Reevy Hill Primary School

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Geography -

This week, in geography we are going to be focusing on the different features of a farm. 

What do you think you would see on the farm?

There is more than animals at the farm. We can see barns, cattle sheds, farm shops and tractors. 

Have a go at designing your own tractor. 

RE -

This week in RE we are looking at why Muslims celebrate Eid.

Watch the video clip below and consider the following:

what would it be like not to eat / drink all day?

How would you feel?

Would it be easy or hard?





Science- Magnets


This week in Science we are looking at magnetic and non magnetic materials.


Children will be making their own predictions of things that are magnetic and non magnetic and then testing different materials.


Can you write your predictions and your findings?


You can do this activity at home.

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Can you put these pictures into the correct side?

PE- Multi-skills developmental


This week we are learning to use all the different skills we have been practicing in dodgeball.


You can set this little station up at home to help development and use your new skills.


We have learning to throw at a target and how to catch the ball using two hands.


Remember if you don't have cones and balls at home you can always use rolled up pairs of socks, pieces of paper to make them different sizes and safe objects to make your targets.


Warm up:

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