Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday - PE




Tuesday- RE

LO: To begin to understand why Jesus is special to Christians.


Watch the video clips below

Draw a picture of Jesus and write a few sentences about what he was like and what he did for Christians. Eg Jesus had long dark hair and wore a white robe with sandals. He performed miracles and helped others. 

Wednesday 19th May

LO: To respond to the work of Andy Goldsworthy

Read through the PPT below to find out about the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Select your favourite piece of his art work. Can you go into your garden and recreate it?


If you do not have a space outside, draw your favourite piece of his work.

Thursday 20th May

LO: To respond to the work of Richard Long


Look at the art work about by Richard Long. What do you notice about his work? What do the pieces of work have in common?



Your task today is to create circle shape by overlapping different materials.

You could use tissue paper, foil or any materials you have around the house. Remember to overlap your materials and use as many different materials as you can.

Friday 21st May

LO: To respond to the work of the artist Patrick Heron.

What do you notice about the work above? Can you see the attention to detail in his use of line, shape and colour.


Can you see the hot and cold colours he has used?


Split your page into half. On one side right hot colours and on the other side write cold colours. 

Sort hot and cold colours by using collage and pencils. 


By the end of this task you should have one side of your page covered in hot colours and the other in cold colours.