Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in PSHE, the children are learning how to keep safe when using the internet. Does your child use a tablet/laptop/phone/games console to access the internet? Discuss with your child the different types of games/apps they are using.


Look at the different apps and games on the link below. Does your child recognise any of the apps/games? Have they used any of them before?

Find the link below to 'Buddy the dogs internet safety' story. Read and discuss this story with your child.

Be Safe Online (Lyric Video)

Ask your child to complete the online safety quiz below:

Draw the Write Way

On Monday, the children enjoyed completing lots of Valentine's themed activites. Wassily Kandinsky is a famous artist who inspired the Valentine's Day artwork.


Look at the PowerPoint below to find out more about Wassily Kandinsky artwork.


Using the Kandinsky Circle Painting as inspiration, can you create your own love heart painting? Try and chose colours that link to the Valentins theme to use in your painting.