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In our PSHE lessons this week we are talking about life cycles.


Talk to your child about cycles - how things go round and round. Can they think about things that go round and round? Explain that things that live - like plants, animals and people - also have cycles; these are called life cycles.


Find the link below to a video that shows the life cycle of a butterfly:


The Life Cycle of a Butterfly - Science for Kids

Learn about the Life Cycle of a Butterfly - A detailed Science lesson for Primary School students and children.

After watching the video and ask your child the following questions:


  • What happens at the beginning of the cycle?
  • What happens next?
  • Does it keep on growing?
  • Does it change its name? 
  • What does it do once it stops growing?
  • Why do you think that happens?


Can your child name any other animals that this might happen to. Can they name the baby? E.g. lamb to sheep, puppy to dog, calf to cow, piglet to pig. 

Can you create your own life cycle of a butterfly out of pasta? Have a look at the examples below.

Draw the Write Way

This week in PSHE we have been learning about life cycles. Can you draw a butterfly with symmetrical wings? Remember to add lots of colour and detail to your drawing.


Watch the video below for help.

How To Draw A Monarch Butterfly

Follow along with us and learn how to draw a Monarch butterfly!

Rhyme Time

On Tuesday the children enjoyed ordering, making and eating their own pancakes in the snack area. We listened and performed a nursery rhyme linked to pancake day. 


Click the link below to see the rhyme we have been learning this week.