Reevy Hill Primary School

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PE & Sports- Gymnastics


This half term Year One children are learning how to gymnastics in PE with Mr Parkin.


The first lesson is all about children demonstrating their understanding of working with a partner, listening to the instructions and trying to complete the basic skills and balances for gymnastics.


Key vocabulary:

- tuck 

- straddle


- straight


- back support



Gymnastics - Balances | Week 1

The first in a series of videos dedicated to delivering Gymnastics safely at primary school. In Week 1 we share ideas on how to teach Point and Patch Balance...

History -

This half term we are focusing on history, our topic is toys.

This week we are creating a feel for the different toys the children in our class like.

What is your favourite toy?

What does it look like?

How do you use it?

Have a go at drawing your favourite toy and writing some sentences about it!

PSHCE- Physical health and wellbeing


This half term we are leaning about what it means to look after our body and mind!


This week we will be looking at what happens when you have a good daily routine.

Healthy Me

Being healthy... eat well, eat healthy, enough sleep, be happy

Science- Everyday Materials



We continue learning about materials this half term and the we will be testing and investigating different materials.

By the end of this half term we will know what materials are the best to build a house strong enough to stay up for the three little pigs.

Science: Everyday Materials | Naming Materials with Miss Ellis #everydaymaterials

Science: Everyday Materials | Naming Materials with Miss Ellis #everydaymaterialsTo watch the full playlist on Everyday Materials please click herehttps://ww...