Reevy Hill Primary School

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Science- The three little pigs and their building choices


This week Year 1 are looking at different materials that would be suitable to build a house for the three little pigs.


Can you plan and design your house for them?


What materials would be best to use?


You need to make sure that it is strong, sturdy, waterproof and big enough to fit the three little pigs inside.

It needs to be strong enough to stop being blown down by the big bad wolf.

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PE- Gymnastic -Week 3 - Rolls


This week in PE Mr Parkin will be teaching Year 1 how to perform rolls in the correct way.


The children will be working in pairs and supporting one another to roll safety on the mat.


Can you practice all the techniques that you have been learning so far in PE?



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PSCHE- Mental health and wellbeing


This week we will be looking at why it is important to keep a healthy diet and routine.


What does it help?


How do you know how to keep your mind and body healthy?



What does your daily routine look like?



BBC Learning - What Do Humans Need To Stay Healthy

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History -


In history we are very lucky to have a toy workshop coming in. This allows year 1 to dress up in Victorian clothes and have an opportunity to explore and play with toys from the past.


What toys do you think we will see?