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This week in our PSHE lessons the children are discussing the difference between girls and boys. We will also be exploring the stereotypes that are linked to gender.


Start by singing the song and do the actions to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.


Ask your child the following questions:

  • What parts of the body do we sing about?
  • Are there any parts of the body that we missed?
  • What parts of the body are between the shoulders and knees?
  • What about our private parts? Explain that there are parts of the body that are private and that we wouldn’t touch as part of the song, but they are very important too.
  • Why are girls’ bodies and boys’ bodies different?


Explain to the children that these parts of our body are private and no one should touch them without our permission. Ask your child who they could tell if someone tried to look at or touch their private parts. 


Click on the link below to listen to the 'Pantosaurus' video:


The Pantosaurus Song! | #TalkPANTS | NSPCC

Meet Pantosaurus! He's a friendly dinosaur who has an important song to sing for you, which conveys an important message.#TalkPANTS

Look through the PowerPoint below and discuss different stereotypes with your child.

Draw the Write Way



HOW TO DRAW A DAFFODIL Step by Step Drawing Tutorial. Guided realistic blooming spring flower sketch

Step by step tutorial how to draw a daffodil using a pencil. Follow along with me as I draw this beautiful flower.

Rhyme Time

After our recent trip to Tong Garden Centre, the children have been planting and looking after their own plants. 


This week we are listening to and performing a nursery rhyme linked to our planting learning.


Click on the link below to view this week's 'I'm a little bean' nursery rhyme with actions.