Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in our PSHE sessions the children will be learning about healthy eating, exploring what healthy food is and why these food are important for our body.


Start by asking your child the following questions about healthy eating:

  • Why do we eat food?
  • What foods do we eat?
  • When do we get to choose what we eat?
  • Why do we need to eat different kinds of foods?


Introduce the children to the Eatwell Guide - formerly the Eatwell Plate. Point out the different food groups to your child and tell the names of each type of food.


Why are some sections of the Eatwell's guide plate bigger than others?

Do you know the job each type of food does for our bodies?

Which foods do we need to eat more of? Why?

Which foods do we need to eat less of? Why?



Ensure that your child understands that snacks high in sugar and fat can be eaten occasionally but it is healthiest not to have them too often. The key message to emphasise is that it's how much a person eats of these types of food that matters.   

Help Alan the alien by completing the healthy eating sorting game. Find the link to the game below:

Change4Life schools video

This video is a great way to introduce healthy living messages to young children.


This week in our art session the children will be making their own fruit salads. Watch the video below of a child friendly demonstration showing you how to create a fruit salad safely.


Kid's Kitchen: How to Make a Simple Fruit Salad

Use the techniques in the video to make your own fruit salad. Choose a selection of different coloured fruit to add to your fruit salad.


Ensure adult supervision throughout the activity.

Rhyme Time

This week the children have continued learning about water and the creatures that live in the sea. This week we are learning and performing a nursery rhyme linked to this learning.


Click the link below to listen to the 'Waves in the sea' nursery rhyme.

The Waves in the Sea go Up and Down

Ocean version of Wheels on the Bus