Reevy Hill Primary School

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In our PSHE lessons this week we will be exploring how to look after our friends.


Click on the video below to listen to the story about friendship:


Stick and Stone 🪨 Beth Ferry (Kids Book Read Aloud) | Friendship |Miss Jill

Ask your child the following questions:

  • When might someone need help from a friend?
  • How would help a friend? What could you do to help?


Click on the link below and show you child the 'How can you help? friendship scenario cards'. Discuss the scenarios with your child, how could they help?





This week in our art session the children will be drawing self protraits. Watch the video below of a demonstration showing you how to draw a self portrait.

Teaching children how to draw a self portrait

Rhyme Time

This week the children have been learning about friendships. This week we are learning and performing a nursery rhyme linked to this learning.


Click the link below to listen to 'Friends, friends, 123':

Friends, Friends 123 Song for Kids with Lyrics | Friendship Songs for Children | The Kiboomers