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This week in PSHE the children are discussing how we can look after our families. To begin with, we will be discussing how family units are diverse and are all different.


Watch the story, 'The Great Big Book of Families' below.

The Great Big Book of Families with Teacher Helena Book by: Hoffman Mary

The Great Big Book of Families with Teacher Helena Book by Hoffman Mary

Ask your child the following questions:

Who are the people in your family?

Do all the members in your family live with you?

Who looks after your family?

Can you help to look after your family?

Are there any animals that are part of your family?

How can you help your family members?

How can you help look after your family members’ feelings?


Click on the link below to access the family drawing worksheet:




This week during our art session the children will be creating different things for Father's Day. Father's Day will be celebrated on Sunday 19th June this year.


Look through the Father's Day PowerPoint below with your child.

Find below some craft examples your child may be able to complete at home:

Rhyme Time

This week the children have started to learn about seasides and holdiays. This week we are learning and performing a nursery rhyme linked to this learning.


Click the link below to listen to 'I do like to be beside the seaside' rhyme. 

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside