Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar



Monday - PE

Wednesday - Science

LO:To identify and describe the basic structure of trees



Thursday- History

LO: To describe seaside now and 100 years ago


This term we are learning about the seaside.

Talk to someone in your house.......

Have you been to the seaside before?

What can you do at the seaside?

What would you take with you?


Now look at the pictures below.

What do you notice about some of them?

Do you think they were all taken recently? How can you tell?

What differences can you see?


Task- write a postcard to someone (family/friends) to describe the seaside 100 years ago using the pictures and the new vocab. 


Dear Nana and Grandpa

I am having a great time at the seaside. I have been on the pier and walked along the promenade. It really hot here so we used the bathing machines to get changed into our swimming clothes. 

See you soon


Friday - PSHE

Today we are going to talk about our likes and dislikes. Discuss the different foods you like and dislike with your adult. 
Ask the question....
Which foods are healthy for us that we need to eat more of?



Now look at the Eatwell plate
What foods are less healthy that we need to eat less of?
Sometimes we need to choose things that are healthy to eat even though they may not be our favourite.

Today we are going to create a lunchbox including the different food types.
Use the Healthy Packed Lunch Activity sheet below and decide which foods you will put in the lunchbox. ( Remember to use the Eatwell plate as a guide)