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Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt Religion Facts

  • The ancient people of Egypt followed many different Gods like Seth, Isis, Anubis, Nu, Re and Osiris.
  • Some people supported Gods to follow their profession like Thoth the god of scribes
  • Local villages often chose to be represented by one God
  • In local villages an important part of their beliefs and practices was to follow one God only
  • The people in villages would worship at shrines that were erected in the village
  • Gods were often represented by animals such as lions, cats, rams and crocodiles
  • The ancient Egyptian religion contained roughly 2000 gods
  • Osiris the god of the underworld was one of the most worshiped
  • Some other highly worshiped God’s include Isis the goddess of motherhood and abundance; Horus, god of the sky
  • The Pharaoh was believe to be part man and part god and had good relationships with the gods
  • The Pharaoh was believed to be the go-between Egyptian humans and the gods
  • When the Pharaoh died Egyptians believed he would become a god
  • Egyptian society also believed if the nation was in turmoil it was the Pharaoh’s fault for upsetting the gods.
  • Other beliefs and practices that the ancient Egyptians believed in was the afterlife
  • They had many different rituals which included mummification
  • They wanted to preserve the body for as long as possible after death to allow the spirit to have a place to reside
  • The body was wrapped in cloth and would also contain jewels and amulets
  • A mask was also placed on their face bearing their likeness
  • In the tomb of the deceased they would also place drink, food and riches








Today we are looking at the different types of rocks. Go through the PowerPoint and then have a go at the activity below.

Click on the link below to access a range of different types of rocks. Can you sort out which ones are natural and man made in the table below?