Reevy Hill Primary School

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Watch the videos. What happens as animals get older?


Order the pictures of animals and their babies (offspring) from the farm animal sheet below.


Look at how the animals have changed from babies to adults - can you write some sentences to describe some of the differences.


eg Adult sheep have thick wooly fur and baby lambs don't.


Watch the video about life on board the Titanic.

Which part of the ship would you like to have stayed on and why?


Sort the pictures into first, second and third class.

Look at photos in the powerpoint - which are for first, second and third class? Can you write sentences to describe what it is like in each class?


This week we are doing all about recycling.

Go through the powerpoint and then complete the sorting activity


Introduce the subject of change and loss with some key questions:

  • Have you ever lost anything? 
  • What did you lose?
  • How did it feel when you realised it was lost?
  • Have you ever found something that you thought was lost? Where was it?
  • How did you feel when you found it?

Explain that in today’s session you are going to be thinking not just about losing things but also about saying goodbye to people. Saying goodbye to somebody is a bit like losing something.

Read the Sam Moves Away story using the prompt questions to guide your discussion.



Give your child a piece of A4 paper. On one half of a piece of paper draw a picture of  when they have said goodbye to someone. Draw their face showing their emotions. [Most children should also be able to write key words describing those emotions.] 

On the other half of the paper draw themselves when they havw met someone again. How does their face show your emotions now? [Most children should be able to write key words to describe those emotions.]