Reevy Hill Primary School

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To group animals and compare them

Watch the videos to learn about each group of animals then complete the worksheet by describing what each group is like and why.




My body, your body

Ask the children “What does my body do?” if this has been covered already. (May name different body parts and be able to tell you what some of them do). 

Post it note or label the different body parts of the child.

Now ask: which parts of the body might we see when someone is wearing their school uniform? (take into account cultural considerations if someone is wearing a Hijab or similar head covering).

Make sure to cover: fingers, head, ears, arms, eyes, and nose. Label these on the body outlines by asking a child one at a time to come to the front of the class and point-out where they are.

Next ask: what parts of the body might we see if someone was wearing a swimming costume/shorts?). 

Explain that our bodies are private and no one has a right to touch or look at them, that they belong to you.


Today we are learning about charity.. what do we think a charity is? an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.

Look at the different logos of charities do we recognise them? What do they do?

Talk about Christina aid and how they help – look at their website and look at events on how you can raise money

Task : make a mind map of how we can raise money for charities.