Reevy Hill Primary School

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To identify and name parts of the body.

Can you label all the parts of the body on the sheet below (or draw a person and label the parts)?


Watch the video to learn about the functions (jobs) of internal organs then match the pictures to the right definition.


This week we are reflecting - What have we learnt this half term. 

Reflect on what you have learnt about our world and record them - look back over the previous weeks if you need to.



Put your hands on your chest and take a big breath in. What do you notice? What do you think is happening? Where do you think oxygen goes to in the body? [Into the lungs and through into the blood] 
Imagine you are holding your favourite fruit or vegetable. Take a bite, chew it up and swallow it. Now wash it down with a drink of water. Where do you think food and water go in the body? [Into the stomach, on to the intestines and through into the blood] 
What happens to the food inside the stomach and intestines? [The body breaks it up into small pieces which can soak through into the blood. NB Food which can’t be broken down becomes the waste material that we get rid of. This doesn't mean that this is bad food, just that the body has finished with it] 
Why is it important to eat healthily? [So that the body gets all the things (nutrients) it needs to work properly] 
What happens to our body when we sleep? [It rests, gets more energy, grows a bit and can help us recover when we’re not feeling very well] 
What are some of the different ways we can exercise our body? [Running; swimming; cycling; trampolining; playing sports; doing PE etc] 
Why is regular exercise important for our body? [It keeps just about every part of the body fit and healthy and makes us feel good] 


Go outside and try some different activities that help keep the body physically healthy..

Come inside and have some a water

Transition to year 3 - print out or draw a big butterfly shape. On one side write down what you are worried about and on the other write down what you are excited about for year 3. Colour or decorate the butterfly.