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Learning Objective: To use a range of maps to look at how land use changes and consider the impact this could have local people and travel

Today you will be preparing for a guest speaker. First, use the maps over time to think about what you already know and what you can infer. Then, complete the question generator grid, thinking carefully about the type of questions that you could ask to help you understand how the landscape of the local area has changed over time.



Using the maps you have been studying, can you complete the following questions?


How is Oxygen transported around the body?

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Religious Education


Go through the PowerPoint – recapping core values of Sikhism and values.


Do you remember anything about the Guru Granth Sahib. The treatment of the Guru Granth Sahib at home and in the Gurdwara.  BBC Teach: My life, my religion (Sikhism)


Each day, the Guru Granth Sahib is respectfully uncovered at dawn by a baptized Sikh.  Those present recite the ardas prayer.  It is then opened randomly; the top left passage is read aloud to those present to contemplate.  At the end of the day the closing ritual sukhasan (literally – to sit comfortably) is performed, which includes ardas and evening prayers before the book is closed, wrapped in the rumalas and put away.  Before saying prayers, Sikhs quietly recite the Mool (Mul) Mantar to concentrate their minds.

Complete the task below and identify the core values of Sikhism. Then, write down what your own personal values are.