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Learning Objective: To make observations about existing safety precautions and potential hazards around the local area 


For this lesson you will need your Digimaps username and password. If you can't remember it, email your teacher -


Task 1

Log into Digimaps using the link below. Can you use the drawing tool to draw a route around the immediate school location?

Here's an example:

Task 2

Now have a go at labelling your map with all the safety features and hazards you can think of along this route. Take a look at my example below to see what your work should look like.



What are the key parts of a healthy diet?

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Religious Education


Read the Ardas - the Sikh Daily Prayer below. Highlight key points/values within the Ardas. 


Write a paragraph about the Ardas prayer and what your understanding of it is.


Ardas – Sikh Daily Prayer


The Ardās is a Sikh prayer that is carried out before performing or after undertaking any significant task; The prayer is a plea to God to support and help the devotee with whatever he or she is about to undertake or has done.


Introductory Prayers

Compassionate God, master of all, with my palms and feet pressed together [eyes closed] I make my request to you.

Nanak, your servant, recites your name, and is redeemed in the blink of an eye.

You are our Master; to you, I offer this humble prayer.
This body and soul are all your belonging.

You are our mother and father; and we are your children.

In your grace, we experience ultimate peace!

O highest of the high, most generous God,

The whole creation is strung on your thread.

That which has come from you is in your will.

You alone know your existence and vastness.

Nanak, Your slave, is forever surrendering to you.


Main Ardas

Having first remembered the One God, think of Guru Nanak, then of Angad Guru and Amar Das and Ram Das; may they help us!

Remember Arjan, Hargobind and holy Har Rai.

Think of the blessed Harkrishan, whose sight dispels all sorrows.

Remember Teg Bahadur, and the nine treasures shall run to our homes.

May they all assist us everywhere.

May the Tenth King, Guru Gobind Singh, the protector of the faith, assist us everywhere.


Blessed, blessed, O Khalsa Ji, is the Guru Granth Sahib, the Light of all. With the light of the Guru in your heart, call on God! 

Wahe Guru!


The Five Beloved Ones, the four sons of the Tenth Master, the Forty Liberated Ones, and all the other righteous, steadfast and long-suffering souls who stood their ground in the face of tyranny and unrightousness: think of their deeds and call on God!

Wahe Guru!


All those men and women who, keeping the Name in their hearts, rose in the amrit vela to remember and merge with the One;

who shared their earnings with others; who defended those who could not defend themselves; who stood fast through all the tests of time and space;

who saw others' faults but overlooked them and served them anyway; think of their deeds, O Khalsa Ji and call on God!

Wahe Guru!



Now let the whole Khalsa offer our prayer together.

Let the whole Khalsa remember the Naam.

As we think of Him, may we feel completely blessed.

Wahe Guru! Wahe Guru! Wahe Guru!


May God's protection and grace extend to all the bodies of the Khalsa, wherever we may be.

May the Lord's glory be fulfilled and His will prevail.

May all our homes and endevours be blessed with success.

May the sword of God assist us. May the Khalsa always triumph.

May our Sangats, flags and Gurdwaras abide for ever and ever,

May the kingdom of justice prevail.

Wahe Guru!


Grant to all of Your Sikhs the gift of Sikhi, the gift of long hair, the gift of faith and confidence in You, the gift of reading and understanding Your Gurbani,

and most of all, the gift of the Holy Name


O kind Father; O loving Father, By Your grace we spent the night in peace and happiness;

and we rose to meditate on You and listen to Your Holy Word.

Grant that we may always do what is right according to Your Will.

Grant us light and understanding so that we may act in Your will at each moment.

We offer this prayer in Your presence, O beloved Guru:

Forgive our mistakes and help us to keep ourselves pure.


Let us be in the company of only men and women of love, so we may always remember the Name in their presence.

O Nanak, those who know their True Identity ever live in ecstasy and excellence.

Through the Power of Your Bani, may the whole world be blessed to live in this way.


Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!