Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday - R.E

LO: To Understand that a covenant is a special promise between God and people and God made a covenant with Noah. 


Make a mind map of promises/agreements we make.

What are the consequences if you don’t keep your promise?

What can you do to help you remember to keep to your agreement?


Watch the video clip below

Discuss the points below with someone in your house


-What promises did God and Noah make at the end of the story? 
-What sign/ symbol reminds people of the special promise/ covenant that was made?
-Did Noah do as God said straight away? 
-Was it easy for Noah to follow the God’s commands? 
-Have you ever found it hard to follow what your parents have told you to do? E.g. going to bed on time?

Tuesday- Science

Our topic this term in Science is Animals including humans 

(health and nutrition)


LO: To explain how living things obtain food and why they need the right type of nutrition


Task 1- make a mind map about 

What is nutrition?
 How do we stay healthy?


Task 2 - watch the video links below


Label the different food groups

Now match up the nutrient type and why we need it.

Thursday- Geography

Learning Objective: To locate Bradford in the UK and describe it as a locality
I Can:
- Locate Bradford on a map
- Describe Bradford as a locality


Where in the world is Bradford? Can you conduct some research using a map/ parent knowledge/ the internet to find out Bradford's location? Also, see the map below:

Using your knowledge from last week, can you state which country Bradford is in using the map of the British Isles:

How might we describe Bradford to someone who has never been before? Watch the video below and write a short paragraph to describe Bradford. 

Friday- PSHCE


Theme: Relationships

Topic: Valuing differences


This week in PSHCE we are discussing the importance of respect and valuing those around us.


Task: Make a brainstorm of all the different people you meet on a daily basis e.g. lollipop lady, dinner lady, teacher, friends, shop assistants etc.


Think about any of the conversations you have had with these people. Why is it important to listen carefully to them? e.g.  lollipop lady helps us to cross safely, dinner lady asks us what we would like to eat.


As well as exchanging useful information it shows courtesy and respect to listen to people and respond appropriately. 


How might we feel if we spoke to someone and they didn't listen to us? What if people started to speak over us or reply rudely? Think about whether you spoke to your parents and friends with respect today? 


Can you make a list of rules that you might display in school when speaking to others to show respect?