Reevy Hill Primary School

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PSHE- We are learning about people that are special to us.


This week the children will talk about their families and draw a picture of who lives in their family home in a special family balloon.


This is the story we will be reading during the lesson.

The Great Big Book of Families with Teacher Helena Book by: Hoffman Mary

The Great Big Book of Families with Teacher Helena Book by Hoffman Mary

Science- TOUCH

This week in science we will be learning about one of the five senses. The children will take part in touches different item, they will report back to their class and describe the different items and how they felt.



Geography -


This week we are taking a walk around our school grounds. We are going to be identifying the key features and seeing if we can recognise them on an aerial map.

In provision children will be using the different concrete materials to make their own aerial map of the classroom. 


Key questions:

- What are the key features of your home?

- Can you remember where an aerial map is taken from?



We are working on listening skills, finding a space and working with our classmates in PE this week.