Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday - R.E

LO: To  recognise Abraham as an important figure in Judaism and retell stories about Abraham. 


Watch the video below


Role play- try act out the story of Abraham or retell it to an adult

Write down the main points of the story and what the lesson from God is. 


Tuesday - Science

LO: To record findings on a table using simple scientific language.


Today your task is to become researchers and find out the nutritional information for different types of food.


Look at some of the food packaging in your house and make a table showing the nutritional information. Then compare the food products. Which one has more sugar? Which is higher in fibre?


Thursday - Geography


LO: To consider why people might visit Bradford using Google maps to mark key points of interest


In Geography we are looking at reasons as to why people might visit Bradford. Can you conduct some research and find out what the following terms mean in relation to Geography? 





Draw a small picture next to your definitions to help you remember what these terms mean. 


Physical features are things like seas, mountains and rivers. These are all natural. They would be here even if there were no people around.


Human features are things like houses, roads and bridges. They are things that have been built by people.


Sort the physical and human feature images below into two categories. Refer to the definitions to help you sort. 



Look at the image below. Can you label it in terms of physical and human features e.g. the buildings would be human as they have been built by people



Now you have an understanding of human and physical features, we are going to look at plotting key landmarks in Bradford onto maps. You will need to open Google Maps to do so. Use the document provided below to type in the postcodes of each key landmark and bring up the map. From here use your computers 'snipping tool' to snip the map (like the image below). Can you label each image with reasons why people might visit this area of Bradford? e.g. Broadway shopping centre - to visit a range of shops and taste different cuisines. Little Germany - people might visit Bradford to live and work in the offices. 






Friday - PSHCE


LO: To understand the importance of rules, our rights and responsibilities.


This week we are discussing rules and why these are important to have in place and follow. Can you brainstorm some scenarios of when rules might be enforced ? e.g. our school day, playing football etc.


Now think about why we have rules...

What might happen if we didn't have rules? 

Is it ever OK to break the rules? 

What happens to those who do break the rules? 


In most cases, rules are there to keep everyone safe and ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally. 


Rules may differ depending on the situation / activity you are faced with. Rules should be clear and fair so everyone is aware of them and able to keep them.


Think of some sensible rules to have both in school and at home. Would these be the same kind of rules? e.g. Walking to the left and silently around corridors in school would not be relevant when you are at home!