Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in PSHCE we are learning about been kind to others and what are hands are used for. 


Listen to the video and discuss with your adult about been kind and using kind hands. 

Hands are Not for Hitting- Day 1

Ready to use read aloud video for in-class and/or distance learning. This video lesson is designed with a close read focus, supports all learners, and has a...

This week in P.E we are looking at following instructions and finding spaces. 

A space is when you are stood still and can't touch anything around you. 

Can you go outside and follow instructions from your adult whilst finding a space to stand in. 


Maybe you could go to the park and play a game of Simon says. 


Simon says... hop on one leg

Simon says... find a space and freeze

Simon says... skip around

Simon says... find a space and freeze


Can you think of some more instructions to follow?