Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in PSHE we are discussing who the children can turn to if they have a problem - if something or someone is upsetting them, or making them feel worried or scared.


Click the link below to access the 'All about me' book. Read the book to your child, focusing on page 7, 'Who do you like to spend time with?'.

After reading the story, ask your child the following questions:


Who does Harold like to spend time with?

Who else might he like to spend time with that we can't see on this page?

Who do you like to spend time with - at school, at home?

Who can we go to if we need help with something - at school, at home?


Record the 5 people the child can turn to on the sheet below.





My helping 5 activity sheet

Draw the Write Way

This week we have started to collect harvest donations to help people that are less fortunate than ourselves. Look through the PowerPoint with your child before they attempt to draw a harvest picture.


Can your child draw a range of food associated with harvest? Think about how the farmers harvest the crops. Can your child draw a picture of a tractor or a basket of vegetables?