Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday- RE

LO: To understand the meaning and significance of Moses as a key figure in Judaism past and present.  

Moses is a key figure in Judaism. He inspired his people to escape from slavery and risk everything for freedom and self determination.


Create a mind map about what inspires you to lead a good life. 

Tuesday - Science 

LO: To understand that an adequate and varied diet is beneficial to health.


Watch the video clip below 

Fill the table below with different types of food in their correct food group.

Now write a few sentences about each food group
e.g Milk and Diary- This group is a good source of calcium. Eating 2-3 portions from this group everyday can help give us all the calcium we nee

Now write why we need a balanced diet.....


e.g Eating a wide range of foods in the right proportions, and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.


LO: To locate Malham and describe it as a locality


Today we are researching Malham. Can you locate Malham on a map? Use Google maps using the link below and answer the following questions:

- How long does it take to get to Malham from Bradford? 

-Which towns are close by? 

-Can you spot any landmarks surrounding it? 


Google Maps


Research images of Malham. What do you notice about it? Can you draw a picture of the town to remind you? What is different to Bradford? What is the same?


Watch the video link below and then write a short review of Malham based on what you know and have witnessed. Why might people want to visit Malham?