Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday- RE


Watch the video clip below

Write sentences to retell the story of Passover.
Try and use all of these words your writing.

Moses        Jewish people            slavery         Egypt         Israelites           pharoah         plagues                doorposts            lamb's blood        Passover        Red Sea                
               Mount Sinai        God        Ten Commandments    

Tuesday - Science

Watch the video clip below and do the tasks

Thursday - Geography

LO: To use evidence from fieldwork to create a map of the land use of Malham


We are going to recreate a map to show all we have learnt so far about Malham and its key landmarks. 


Using your memory and map below, sketch the walking route we took through Malham from the visitors centre to the Cove. Once you have sketched this, can you make a 'messy map' on your table/ floor using items from around your house to represent the different features e.g. fields, shops, animals, the cove, streams. 




Now sketch a map of Bradford city centre. What do you notice? Are there a lot more roads? Less animals? What sorts/ sizings are the buildings? Which has the most physical features? 


Can you write a paragraph to describe how Bradford centre and Malham Village are different and why this is? Think about how many people lived in Malham compared to Bradford. What do people come to Bradford to do? What do we go to Malham for?  

Friday - PSHCE


Today we are discussing 'thunks'


These are statements that are neither true nor false but require an opinion. This opinion may be different to your friends and that's OK. We don't always have to agree with family and friends but we have to respect their opinions and views.


Have  a read of some of the 'thunks' below and ask yourself whether you agree or not and explain your reasons why:


'All children should be made to eat 5 portions of fruit or veg a day'


'The Government should ban fizzy pop from children'


'Children should not be allowed to have TVs in their bedrooms' 


Discuss with your adults. Did they have the same opinion as you - why not? Can you come up with your own thunks and see what others in your household think?