Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday - PE

PE With Joe 2021

Tuesday - RE

LO:To begin to understand why God is special to Christians.


Today we are continuing to look at the seven days of creation.

Watch the video below to remind yourself. 

Think of some actions for days 4-7 and then continue with your worksheet, drawing pictures for days 4-7. Write about what happened on those days. 

E.g. On the fourth day God created the moon, the sun and the stars. 

Wednesday - science

Click on the link to access the lesson.

Thursday - Geography

Learning Objective: To know the differences between a town and the countryside. 


Watch the video clips below.

Now see if you can sort out these pictures into what you would find in a town and what you would find in the countryside.


Then write a few sentences about what you would find in the countryside and what you would find in a town. Think about things you might see, hear, touch and smell. 

Friday- PSHE

Read and discuss the definitions below.

Unkind: when someone says something that is not nice, or hurtful but they do this only once (a one-off).
Tease: when someone makes fun of or jokes about someone but only once (a one-off).
Bully: when someone is repeatedly unkind or hurtful to another person (it’s ongoing, not a one-off).


Now read the story below and answer the following questions. 

Is this bullying?
How do we know?
How is it making Sophie feel?
Who can she go to get some help with this? Who should she tell?
Have a think about the children who saw the bullying and didn’t know what to do or say. Who could they talk to about it? What could they do to make things better for Sophie?
Why do you think Rhianna is doing this?
What can Sophie say to Rhianna?
What does Rhianna need to say to Sophie?