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Monday - PE

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 22nd Feb

Monday- RE

LO: To begin to understand why Jesus is special to Christians.


Watch the video clips below.

One of the reasons Jesus was special to Christians was because he could perform miracles.


Watch the video clip below of Jesus feeding the 5000.  

Draw a picture of Jesus like the one below and write a few sentences about what he looks like and why he is special to Christians. 

E.g Jesus had long brown hair and wore a white robe. He was the son of God and he performed miracles to help people who were suffering or in pain.

Wednesday - science

Click on the link to complete the lesson

Thursday- Geography

Learning Objective: To locate the 4 capital cities of the UK

Watch the video clip below
Complete the tasks below
Watch the video clip and then fill in the city and its capital.

Friday - PSHE
Ask children to think of a time when they behaved in a helpful way, unhelpful, were kind and unkind. Does our behaviour only affect us? Who else does it affect? Read the story of Harold the giraffe's bad day. Pause at points to discuss Harold's behaviour. Harold’s behaviour affected some of the special people in his life. Who are some of the special people in your life?

Activity - being helpful challenge
Complete the sentence by writing a change of behaviour you want to try out.

Example below. 


"I promise that I will try to …….”

 E.g. "I promise that I will try to help you tidy the house." Now give the slip to your special person.