Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week in PSHE we are learning about road safety. We will be looking at the different rules to follow to make sure we stay safe on the road.



What can you see in the road safety picture?

Why is it important to make sure you cross the road on a crossing?

What does the red sign mean?

What does the yellow traffic sign tell the drivers?

Why should you wear a helmet when riding a bicycle?

Why has the car stopped?

Why do pedestrians need to walk on the path?

How are the children crossing the road staying safe?

RACQ Road Safety Lessons - Crossing The Road

Hedgehogs Road Safety Campaign - Stayin Alive

Draw the Write Way

This week we have been discussing Children in Need. Look through the 'Children in Need' PowerPoint.

Children in Need is a charity that raises money to help children all across the UK. Can you draw the Pudsey Bear character? Remember to include his spotty bandana across his eye.