Reevy Hill Primary School

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Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design


We have designed our curriculum using the discreet teaching of individual subjects in order to improve the quality of teaching, better manage the progression of learners and raise the quality of leadership; specifically middle and subject leadership. The quality of work and the subject knowledge of our children and staff has improved as a result of this change from a topic based approach and ensures children can apply the knowledge and articulate the skills they are learning as part of being a historian, geographer, artist, scientist and so on.


Curriculum Aims


  • To provide a curriculum that meets the needs of, engages and challenges all children;
  • To ensure that all children leave the Academy proficient in the fundamental skills of speaking and listening, reading, writing and mathematics; and well prepared to make a positive contribution to wider society and life in Britain;
  • To develop a love of learning through a wide interconnected curriculum which builds on real life contexts to provide a wealth of learning opportunities;
  • To use a discreet subject approach which enables rigorous progression of skills both academic and social, moral, spiritual and cultural;
  • To provide a curriculum which promotes and engages parents and carers in their children’s learning building real life learning contexts both in and out of the Academy.


Curriculum Structure


Woodside Academy’s curriculum is developed specifically for each year group and adapted by expert teachers at Woodside Academy to deliver an exciting, relevant curriculum meeting the needs of our children. Discreet subject teaching ensures a tightly structured progression of skills and learning dispositions, for example reflection and self-regulation, thereby readying children for transition to secondary school and beyond.


Each year group engages in all subjects across the year. To enrich Academy based learning, trips and visitors are carefully planned to bring learning to life and provide the all-important real-life learning experiences.


Our curriculum demonstrates core coverage in each curricular area. Fundamental to this is the real life learning opportunities that children engage in at home – visits to the park with friends, taking part in clubs and spending quality time with family. Engaging in reinforcement of core skills such as regular reading to children and hearing them read along with supporting the term by term development of spelling patterns and phonic awareness are ways in which family members can work with the staff to reinforce the value of all learning experiences both academic and social. It is through working together that Woodside Academy’s curriculum is further strengthened and enriched.


Equality act


At Woodside our approach to the curriculum ensures that we are complying with our duties in the Equality Act 2010. When a pupil joins our school we gather information from a range of sources, e.g. family, child, previous school, to ensure we have a thorough understanding of their needs and circumstances.


We have a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to any form of discrimination, harassment or victimisation that is directed towards any member of our school. We carefully plan our PSHE curriculum so that it promotes respect for other people and provides equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of Academy life. Within our PSHE curriculum, we teach children about the 9 protected characteristics, so that they understand that they cannot discriminate against a pupil or prospective pupil by treating them less favourably because of one or more characteristic. They are encouraged to treat each other with respect and to report discriminatory incidents to a member of staff.


If we are made aware of an incident, we respond to these quickly through PSHE lessons and work with our learning mentor, this is so we can ensure all children are treated fairly, equally and with respect and in turn, they learn how to treat other members of society in the same way.