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Diwali - The festival of light


This week is all about celebrating Diwali - the Indian festival of light.


Watch the following video with your grown up and answer the questions:

Questions to ask your child:

  • Who are the two main characters in the story? What sounds can you hear at the start of their names?
  • What did Sita ask Rama to get for her from the tree?
  • Why were the armies fighting?
  • Who won the battle? Can you remember what special weapon he was given from the Gods?
  • What did people put outside their houses to help guide Rama and Sita home?

Creative activity:

Have a go at making your own Diwali lantern at home using a few simple items:

Step 1: Fold a piece of paper/card in half

Step 2: Make snips with scissors from the fold to about 1 inch away from the edge of the paper

Step 3: Open paper up and colour, decorate with stickers/ sequins/ glitter / coloured pasta (anything you can find!)

Step 4: Make paper into a tube shape and ask adults to help you stick at the top with glue/ tape.

Step 5: Stick a handle on if you wish with a strip of paper/ string/ shoelace.

*You can stick card to the bottom if you wish to insert a LED candle for your very own light-up lantern!

On the video, we see many things involved in celebrating the festival of Diwali. Have at the following tasks:


Can you design your very own Diwali clothing for boys and girls who may be going to a family party to celebrate? Look at the colourful ideas bel to inspire you. What colours will you include on your dress/ suit?


Now have a go at designing your very own henna patterns on your hand. Tip: Draw around your hand first on paper and use pens/ pencils/ paints to draw detailed patterns


Maybe you would like to make a Diwali card for your friends or family?

Can you sound out their name and have a go at writing it yourself?  You could always ask a grown-up to help you!


We would love to see your patterns! How about making a large life-size pattern on your floor using colourful clothes and cushions and blankets and creating a cool shape pattern?