Reevy Hill Primary School

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Levers and Linkages

(Chomping Animal)


This week in curriculum is DT. You will be making your own chomping animal. There are 4 tasks to complete.


Task 1

Watch the following videos on the links below to learn about levers and linkages.


Task 2

Plan and design your own chomping animal.


Read through the 'Instructions for chomping animal' document to find out how to create your own chomping model.


Answer the following questions to help you plan your model:


1) What is the purpose of your model?

2) What materials will you use?

3) What steps will you take to make your chomping animal?

4) Draw a sketch of the animal, with annotations, showing the mechanisms.

5) Describe the features of your model.


Task 3

Make your own chomping animal.

Using the 'Instructions for chomping animal' document and your plan, make your chomping animal. Use the materials listed on the document. Make sure to ask an adult for help with the tricky parts.


Once you've made your product, answer the following questions:


1) Which tools and materials did you use to make the strips?

2) Explain why the tools you used were needed.

3) What health and safety procedures did you need to know about?

4) Order the stages in which you made your strips.


Remember to email us pictures of your final product - we are looking forward to seeing them.


Task 4

Evaluate your product by answering the following questions:


1) What are the strengths of your product?

2) Are there any areas for development?

3) Did you follow your design criteria?

4) How well has the product been designed?

5) What materials were chosen and why?

6) What skills have you used to create your product?

7) How well did the product achieve its purpose?

8) Does the product meet the needs of the user?

9) Could the product be recycled?

10) Would you change anything if you were to make it again?